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Social Sweepstakes

Learn more about Social Sweepstakes and how it can benefit your business' online marketing.

What Is Social Sweepstakes?


“Social Sweepstakes” is a type of social promotion used on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. A Social Sweepstakes is a marketing tactic used to get qualified users to take an action in order to qualify for a prize.


Sweepstakes are beneficial for the user and the promoter: the user gets something awesome when they win and the promoter has the opportunity to collect valuable customer information, like email addresses and reviews. The intent is to turn a participant into a follower, and followers into customers. Sweepstakes can quickly create buzz around a company and skyrocket social media activity.


How Social Sweepstakes Work


The first step is to determine what you are going to give away and what you want from participants in exchange for the chance to win the prize; for example, you can just ask them to “Like” your Facebook page, or you can ask them to share a post about your promotion with their friends. Once these details are finalized, a custom-designed contest is launched on a platform of your choice, and then the promotion is publicized on social channels to drive traffic to your website or other hosting platforms.


While the promotion runs, you can increase traffic and shares by publicizing it weekly on Facebook, running social ads to direct more qualified users to the promotion, and encouraging others to share it with their friends. At the conclusion of the promotion, a winner is picked and notified, and you are left with valuable information about how you can reach your potential customers using other marketing tactics.


Why Social Sweepstakes Expands Your Online Marketing Reach


Consider using Social Sweepstakes when you are experiencing a lull in social engagement, want to generate more business leads, and want to get your brand in front of thousands of customers. This may not seem immediately connected to online marketing; however, after deeper review, it turns out that Sweepstakes offer many opportunities that will play into long-term digital marketing goals.


It drives traffic to your website.


If desired, Sweepstakes can bring thousands upon thousands of people to your website during the course of the promotion. While many of these visitors will be there to enter the contest, an attractive and engaging website will encourage the visitor to stay longer than just filling out the form. This marketing is invaluable because it puts your brand in the face of a potential customer and exposes them to what you are all about. The visitor will (hopefully) internalize your messaging and remember your brand later when they need your services.


Information collected can be used later on.


Sweepstakes allow you to collect information from the participant. This usually includes names and emails, but can also include short survey answers and feedback about your business. This information is how you turn leads into customers later on.


Provide the opportunity for the participant to opt in for a newsletter or future promotions when he/she submits an email. An opt-in or opt-out option is important to be in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act. Once a participant has opted in, you can use these emails for email campaigns, where you can advertise your services again.


Feedback collected can be used to improve your services or reach out to a dissatisfied customer, show good will towards him/her, and turn them into a repeat customer.


It generates an opportunity for fans to talk positively about your business.


Sweepstakes are a gold mine for social media engagement, including comments, shares, and recommendations/reviews. This is a huge opportunity to get people talking online about your store, your resort, your restaurant, or brand. These reviews improve your reputation organically, show other potential clients that you are a trusted business, and show that your services offer value.



Q: Do I have to have a website to host Social Sweepstakes?


A: Not necessarily. Sweepstakes can be hosted on a microsite, a custom URL, or a business Facebook Page.


Q: I’ve heard there are legal implications with this type of promotion. Can you tell me more?


A: Yes, there are laws in certain areas of the US surrounding Sweepstakes. It is important to have the right legal backing on promotions like these to avoid legal action against your business. You have several options. You can hire a lawyer to create your legal information, you can use a boilerplate-type standard, or you can choose a company like OrangeSoda that offers this as a built-in feature.


Q: How do I “boost” my Sweepstakes to have the best reach?


A: You can increase your ad spend focused on the promotion while it runs to boost your success. For example, a specific set of Facebook Ads and a PPC campaign can be used throughout the duration to generate more engagements, garner more participants, and increase overall leads.


Q: How often can I do a Sweepstakes?


A: It depends! For some companies, running a Sweepstakes monthly is profitable, but for others, best results might be seen with a quarterly promotion. Your line of business, your industry, the time of year, your clientele, and other factors play into the overall success.

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