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Social Coupons

Learn more about why your business needs Social Coupons and how OrangeSoda can help!

What are Social Coupons?


“Social Coupons” are social media promotions that can be used for businesses of any size, in any geographic area, and any industry. Coupons are used to promote social shares, increase social media followers, and collect emails from potential customers.


Promotional offers and coupons are one of the oldest marketing tactics in the book. Social Coupons can help you get your brand in front of relevant users across social media, reach a targeted demographic of people looking for your services, and make it easy for potential customers to redeem coupons and become your actual customers.


How Social Coupons Work


Social Coupons drive engagement across social media platforms and build customer loyalty through shares and recommendations from your followers. Social Coupons incentivize customers to choose your business over the competition.


You need to determine the exact terms of the coupon offer once you decide to run a coupon campaign. For example, a plumber could offer 15% off a first-time service through a coupon if the participant “Likes” them on Facebook and/or enters their email. There are a myriad of options depending on your industry, pricing for your services, etc. Once these details are finalized, a branded coupon is designed for your business and launched on the platform of your choice (your website, a custom microsite, a Facebook Page). The coupon runs for a specific amount of time, and during the campaign, you can post on your Page or other social media account directing users to the coupon.

Submitting your promotion to directories and running social ads will also bring more relevant traffic to the promotion. Social Coupons are backed by valuable analytics that give you insider knowledge about your potential clientele. At the end of every promotion, you will receive the data and use this knowledge in your future marketing efforts. Social Coupons can be used again and again to collect emails for marketing campaigns, increase your social media following, and give your customers the best value for your services.


Benefits of using Social Coupons


Similar to Social Sweepstakes [link], Social Coupons are a great tactic to use when you want to collect emails or want to boost your social media engagement. Social Coupons allow you to gather user information, increase engagement, and turn followers into customers. Coupons can be used as an on-going marketing campaign to attract new customers or encourage repeat customers to use your services again. After all, everyone loves to save a little bit of money.


There are many other benefits of using coupons in your online marketing strategy:


    • You can learn about your potential customers and gather information, such as names, emails, zip codes, and more.
    • You can closely track leads when you opt to receive service requests when a user “unlocks” the promotion.
    • Users are more willing to engage with your brand if you offer something in return.
    • Increase followers and maximize reach across Twitter, Facebook, and other channels as your fans share with their friends.
    • Evaluate success of your campaign when you review reports at the conclusion of your promotion about total reach, traffic, conversions, and engagement.




Q: How are coupons different than Sweepstakes?


A: Coupons and Sweepstakes are similar in the way they collect information about users and reward user actions, however, they require different levels of service. Sweepstakes has more ad spend, and includes legal advice and contest management.


Q: Where can I use coupons?


A: Social Coupons are compatible with Facebook and Twitter, and can also be put on your website.


Q: How often can I run a coupon promotion?


A: The choice is up to you! Coupons are a great way to collect information about your potential clients and offer something in return for this information. Some businesses choose to offer coupons every month while others choose to run them every once in a while. The best choice for you will depend on your individual business’s goals.


Q: What industries can use Coupons?


A: Coupons can be used for many industries, including healthcare, dentists, retail, restaurants, home services, beauty, and more!

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