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Social Media Promotions made easy

Social Media Promotions help to generate viral traffic and brand awareness for your company. Run coupon giveaways or sweepstakes contests on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram easily. Our experts will advice on you on the best campaign and help you set up your promotion for maximum ROI.




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Features Include:

Engage on Social

Encourage users to share your promotion with their social networks in order to redeem special offers.

Promotion Types

From coupons to promocodes and sweepstake contests, our experts will advise on the best social promotions for your marketing needs.

Facebook Ads

Give your promotion an extra boost with geographic and demographic targeted Facebook Ads.

Monthly Reporting

Our social media experts will consult on a suitable strategy and provide you with monthly reports on the progress of your social promotion.

How it Works

Increase Engagement & Generate Leads with Social.

Step One

The customer accesses your Facebook or Twitter social promotion either via a link or your website, through your Facebook page or through a mobile page link.

Step Two

The customer is encouraged to share the promotion with their social network in order to access your special promotional offer.

Step Three

Once they have shared the promotion, your customer will be able to redeem their offer in the form of a coupon, promocode or contest entry for your business.

Engage on Social.

From contest sweepstakes to coupon shares and promocode campaigns, our social experts will collaborate with you to create, launch and manage effective social media promotions.

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Engage your customers on every device

 Our social media promotions can be iFramed into Facebook, configured within your website, as its own standalone microsite or as a mobile-ready campaign!template-images