Depending on localisation of process of hydrolysis of nutrients distinguish endocellular and extracellular digestion. Endocellular digestion represents process of hydrolysis of substances in a cage cellular (лизосомальными) enzymes. Substances arrive in a cage by фагоцитоза and пиноцитоза. Endocellular digestion is characteristic for the elementary animals. At the person endocellular digestion meets in leukocytes and cages limfo-retikulogistiotsitarnoj systems. At the higher animals and the person digestion is carried out внеклеточно. Extracellular digestion divide on дистантное (полостное) and contact (пристеночное, or мембранное). Дистантное (полостное) digestion is carried out by means of enzymes of digestive secrets in cavities of a gastroenteric path on distance from a place of formation of these enzymes. Contact (пристеночное, or мембранное) digestion (A. M. Уголев) occurs in a small intestine in a zone гликокаликса, on a surface of microfibers to participation of the enzymes fixed on a cellular membrane and comes to an end всасыванием - with transport of nutrients through энтероцит in blood or a lymph. Through эпителий and эндотелий corneas are well soaked up ions Na +, To +, CI in строму and allocate it back in a plaintive liquid and a watery moisture of the forward chamber of an eye, supporting necessary osmotic pressure. The cornea possesses big гидрофильностью, therefore it is good проницаема for the medical products entered in конъюктивальный a bag. augmentin cost trying to conceive on clomid
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