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Colorado Seamless Gutters

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“Online marketing has helped our company by driving more traffic to our website and in turn has helped create more leads. The leads which we’re able to turn into sales has helped boost our numbers this year and been a big part of having one of the best years the company has ever had, so we attribute a lot of our success to our online marketing program with the help of OrangeSoda.”

Jeff Drugman, Owner of Colorado Seamless Gutters

Success With Orange Soda

5x more customers through website

#1 spot on google, yahoo, and bing

86 actions through maps profile

tools used: seo, ppc, maps optimization
The problem

Colorado Seamless Gutters were previously using phonebooks and direct mailers to gain customers; however, their efforts were falling short — just like the amount of new customers they were getting. That's when they decided to use OrangeSoda to help them expand their customer base.

The plan
  • Gain more clients through a successful online marketing strategy and website optimization
  • Create a PPC campaign with an effective keyword strategy that quickly gets more traffic to the website
  • Use SEO to increase long-term credibility and snag a higher page rank in organic searches
the results
  • Achieved the #1 spot in Google's organic search results
  • Holds #1 spot in Bing and Yahoo! search results
  • Saw 86 actions (clicks on the listing) within the first month of using Maps
  • Saw a large traffic increase to their website which has created more leads

Colorado Seamless Gutters is a local, family-owned business that has served Colorado and southern Wyoming since 1982. They believe in providing their customers with the highest quality products, as well as installation that their customers can count on. Between their state-of-the-art 12,000 square foot facility and fleet of gutter trucks, Colorado Seamless Gutters is ready to deliver the finest service in gutter and downspout systems.

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