alphagan p 0.15 The majority механорецепторов skin send impulses to a spinal cord on fibres of type And, and tickling receptors - on Svoloknam. Having passed through back backs in back columns, impulses are switched on интернейроны a spinal cord (the second нейрон, the first is in spinal ганглии) the same party. Further on ascending ways as a part of back columns they reach Gaulle's kernels and Burdaha which are in an oblong brain (the third нейрон). Then through a medial loop impulses arrive in вентробазальные kernels (specific) a visual hillock (the fourth нейрон) and further in the first and the second соматосенсорные zones of a bark of an opposite hemisphere (a back central crinkle). The first нейрон is in sensitive ганглиях, аксоны these нейронов enter a spinal cord through back backs of a spinal cord and approach to inserted нейронам (the second нейрон) and желатинозной to a substance. Further impulses are spent by two ways: specific (лемнисковым) and nonspecific (экстралемнисковым). The specific way passes in structure crossed in each segment спиноталамического a path to specific kernels таламуса (the third нейрон) and comes to an end in соматосенсорной bark areas (zones With,-S2). The nonspecific way - спиноретикулярный - from inserted нейрона a spinal cord goes in a kernel ретикулярной formations of an oblong brain (the third нейрон) and in a nonspecific kernel таламуса (the fourth нейрон) and therefrom to all departments of a bark of the big hemispheres. Slowly adapting receptors of a stretching of lungs are located in smooth muscles of a trachea and bronchial tubes. These receptors are raised at a breath, impulses from them on афферентным to fibres of a wandering nerve arrive in the respiratory centre. Under their influence activity инспираторных нейронов an oblong brain is braked. The breath stops, begins an exhalation at which stretching receptors are inactive. The reflex of braking of a breath at a stretching of lungs is called as Goering's reflex - Brejera. This reflex supervises depth and frequency of breath. It is an example regulation by a feedback principle. After перерезки wandering nerves breath becomes rare and deep.
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