5 Steps to Writing Content for Your Target Audience

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Writing content is definitely not easy. For some people, it can bring back traumatizing memories of high school or college writing course of pulling out hair and staring at a blank page. Thankfully, while it can be difficult to generate content that resonates with your readers, there are a few steps you can follow to make the writing process much easier.

 Step #1 – Identify your niche

It’s true. People write differently for different niches. Take some time to write down exactly what it is you do and try to define your brand’s position in one sentence. If you are having a hard time explaining what you do in one sentence, then your niche may be unclear or too broad, which will make generating content difficult.

 Step #2 – Understand your customer

After you have clearly defined your niche, you need to define who your customer is, and then engage in research in order to understand what resonates best with your customers. Consider conducting research to determine the needs of your readers, how they find answers to their questions, and what type of content interests them most.

 Step #3 – Develop a plan

Once you really know what type of content resonates well with your readers, then you are ready to start planning your blog strategy. Plan out what kind of blogs you will post and when you will post them. A solid plan will keep the writing and posting process well organized and will help you solidify topic ideas.

 Step #4 – Write your content

Writing your content may seem like the most difficult part of your content strategy, but it doesn’t have to be, especially if you already know what kind of content your readers love. Consider the following tips to make developing engaging content easier:

  • Develop a list of relevant topics at the beginning of the month
  • Keep posts short (between 200-1500 words)
  • Keep posts simple by eliminating any technical jargon and writing on a level everyone can understand
  • Research and read other top industry blogs in order to get ideas
  • If ideas are flowing one day, write more blog posts on that day and save them to post later when you have writer’s block
  • Make sure all of your content is useful and interesting to readers

Step # 5 – Optimize your content

The last step in writing quality content for your target audience is to make sure you optimize your content. There is no point in writing quality content if no one can actually find it. Seek out help from a professional SEO company like OrangeSoda to get help with optimizing your content.