Write Engaging Facebook Statuses

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By now lots of businesses know they should be on Facebook. You know the drill: create a fan page, fill out your info, throw up a picture. Now what? Businesses that understand how to write status updates and engage with fans will retain their fans better and add new fans everyday. Businesses that unintentionally write boring, annoying, or sales-y statuses will quickly be ignored or dropped. Fans don’t want to hear noise. They must be convinced to keep a business in their good graces.

Here are some tips for updating your business’s Facebook status:

Update regularly.

If your account just sits there, saying nothing, then people will forget you exist, and your Facebook presence will do very little for you. Facebook is a chance to engage with your fans and enlarge your customer base. It should be taken just as seriously as other marketing efforts. Recent research shows that 40% of consumers say they factor in Facebook recommendations when making a purchase.* This means you need to update your status regularly, several times a day, during times when you’ll reach your target audience.

Give incentives for likes and shares.

Facebook ladies and gents will be much more inclined to “like” or share a status on their own wall if if you give an incentive for doing so. Inform people that one person who likes or shares a particular status will be given a discount or a prize. Have some Facebook-only promotions.

Share some personality.

No one wants to hear your status updates about your business hours or your newest product– that is, unless you say it in a clever or funny way. Fans will forgive a lot if you sound personable or humorous, so do your best to write conversationally. Take time to really think about each status update and what it says about your business.

Get feedback.

Ask fans questions. From Facebook fans, you can learn how to better your business or learn what your customers need. Your fans will feel like you appreciate their thoughts, and you’ll get some free information on what your fans want. You can also take polls to find out your fans’ favorite products or services.

Avoid overtly sales-y language.

This one’s tricky, but businesses should avoid overtly promotional language as they’re trying to, well, promote their business. People don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to. People like to feel like they’re appreciated. You want to sound friendly and helpful, not salesy.

The most important part of Facebook statusing is consistency. Be true to your brand and update regularly and your fans will follow. For more information on Facebook promotions for local businesses, check out PageInk.

* Syncapse 2011