Why You Need To Build A Database Of Prospects


You’ve heard it everywhere and you’re sick of hearing that “you need to build a list.” People tell you to go build a list, but do they tell you WHY you need to build a list? Let’s look at it.

Reason 1:  First-time visitors won’t buy

It is very hard to convince strangers (first-time visitors who land on your website who don’t know who you are yet) to buy from you. This is especially true in the online world today where there are a lot of scam artists out there trying to cheat people out of their money.

I hear that you need at least 7 repeat exposures to the same offer before a person purchases. Though I don’t know how accurate that statement is, I do know that you need to present your offer to visitors multiple times before they buy from you.

Reason 2: Follow-up is necessary to close the sale

Simply put, if you don’t start building a database of prospects (called a “list” to us online nerds), there is no way you can follow up with them.

Of course when you follow up with them, do NOT only ask for the sale each and every single time. You’ll make them mad, and they will see you as just another pushy sales person. The follow-up is one of the first steps to building a relationship. No one wants to buy from a company. Companies don’t care about people. Companies care about bottom lines. Follow up with them so you can become a person, not a company.

In your follow-up efforts,  mix in education and entertainment. By “education” I mean giving them free practical advice and tips that they can use. “Entertainment” means telling your story as it relates to your industry. You can even tell your personal story (even if it does not relate to your market), but if you do that, make sure you don’t tell your personal story at the first follow-up. Wait to build the relationship before you start swapping life stories.

Customers buy from someone they know, like, and trust. And with a stronger relationship, prospects are going to buy from you instead of from your competitors.

Reason 3: Automation is possible, thereby saving you precious time

With online marketing, you can use email marketing service providers to set up automated follow-up messages. You create automated messages once, and your service automatically sends them for you.

For example, let’s say that you put up a simple form on your website that asks for the visitors’ name and email address. Once a visitor enters his data into this form and hits “enter,” he will be getting follow-up messages (that you have previously written) from you automatically. Every set number of days, he will be getting a follow up message from you automatically. When new visitors come to your website and enter their email into your form, the cycle repeats itself.

Reason 4: Leverage your work to save time & effort

When you build your database of prospects or list, you are accumulating them on a day-to-day basis. Suppose you get 3 prospects per day into your funnel. After a month, you get 90 prospects. After a year, you get 1095 prospects.

This means you can contact your prospects at will whenever you want since you already have their contact info in the form of their email.

If you didn’t build your list, you’d have to work 40 hours to generate visitors to your website before you make a sale. No work = no income. If you have a list, you can simply email them about your latest product.

You save precious time and effort by leveraging your previous work.