Why You Should Schedule Your Paid Search Ads

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Here’s the deal: paid search advertising can be expensive, especially if you’re vying for attention within a competitive industry like finance, law, or HVAC services, just to name a few. While paid search advertising can be expensive, it can produce a ginormous return on investment (otherwise, who would do it?). And there are ways to maximize your invested dollar to produce more results. One way is ad scheduling.

That’s right. Top search engines like Google and Bing allow you to actually schedule when your paid search ads will appear. Doing a little research about when you should schedule your ads can mean reduced cost per lead (CPL), improved conversion rates, and increased targeted customers. The tricky thing about ad scheduling is that while it has a huge payoff, it takes some dedicated research. There is not a blanketed perfect time that works best for every industry. Each industry is different, so you’ll have to do a little bit of work to figure out when to schedule your posts. Here’s how:

Google AdWords

In order to determine when the best time to schedule your ads is, you’ll have to have your ads run on a trial and error basis for a week or so. Then, the magic starts to happen. All you need to do is login to your Google AdWords account, click on the campaign of interest, and take a quick gander at the navigation bar. You should see “ad groups,” “settings,” “ads,” “keywords,” “networks,” “audiences,” “ad extensions,” and, finally, “dimensions.” Click on the “dimensions” tab.

The “dimensions” tab will allow you to select a specific “view,” which returns data about how many clicks you receive during the day, week, month, quarter, year, and hour of the day. Pay close attention to the “hour of the day” statistics. Not only will you want to determine when the most people are clicking on your ads, but you will also want to determine what hour of the day yields the highest CPL.

There you have it! Keep in mind, the process of managing your Bing account is a bit different but equally intuitiv, and shouldn’t take too long. Regardless of how you get there in Bing, you will want to keep the same goal in mind—schedule your ads when people are clicking the most and when you see the highest CPL.

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