Why You Should Read an Internet Marketing Blog

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When we wrote “The 5 Stages of Online Marketing,” we wanted to help everyone understand the basics of online marketing. We wanted to teach people how to talk about internet marketing, and if they were going to purchase internet marketing services, we wanted them to know the right questions to ask.

While that book is still a great resource, it’s a book; it hasn’t changed since we wrote it. Internet marketing strategies and tactics keep changing. The only way to keep up with it is to keep up with great blogs and news. Just looking at SEO, Google makes around 500 changes to their algorithm every year. That’s just one aspect of online marketing. What about content marketing, paid search, display advertising, video marketing, and web design trends? It’s a full time job keeping up with everything, so you should read a couple of great internet marketing blogs that will keep you informed.

Obviously, you should be reading our blog, and we’ll let you do it on any platform you like (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+). But here are some other top blogs you should checkout.

Best Internet Marketing Blogs



OrangeSoda’s Internet Marketing Blog (Duh!)
We don’t normally delve too much into the technical side of online marketing. Instead, we focus on helping small business owners understand the what and why of internet marketing.
The Moz Blog
Moz has one of the most active communities around. The benefit is that there’s tons of great content. If you’re having a hard time with the volume maybe just checkout whiteboard friday.
Hubspot is one of the best content houses on the net. They have a huge volume of videos, webcasts, blogs, and books.
Designing for Results
This new blog by Samuel Hulick is awesome. Unlike a lot of internet marketing blogs that focus on tricks, Hulick focuses on how to build great experiences. Using tricks can help you a bit, but applying a solid user-experience-focused approach to your business will yield great results forever. This is my fave blog on the list.
MailChimp’s blog covers more than just email marketing. They also cover good customer service principles. This post on eschewing social login buttons is worth a read just to demonstrate their great approach to online.
Deluxe Small Business Blog
You may think that I’m only including Deluxe’s blog on this list because they’re our parent company and would have me shipped to Siberia for such a glaring omission. You would be wrong. The Siberia office is only for printing. All joking aside, their blog is more than marketing and really one of the best blogs that small business owners can subscribe to. They cover everything from marketing trends to tax filing help.
Vertical Response
Vertical Response is the second email marketing business to make it on our list. Their blog has a great format that makes it easy to read and they cover just about everything in online.

Do you think we missed a great one? Tell us down below what other internet marketing blogs we should be looking at.