What NOT to do on your PPC Campaign

Here are Harrison’s tips on what NOT to do on an PPC campaign – a follow-up post to his tips on how to optimize a PPC campaign.

  • Don’t content and search ads in the same campaigns. On search CTR (click through rate) is important, but not on content. On the content network you’re interrupting people, on search ads people are actively looking. The ads must be written differently depending on who you’re targeting.
  • Don’t set up campaigns with only one ad group, a ton of unrelated terms, and one generic ad.
  • Don’t use Dynamic Keyword Insertion with too much abandon. Be sure your ads still make sense. He also says: “You can dynamically insert the ad, search/content, and a couple other tracking variables in your destination url.”
  • Don’t limit your negative keyword lists – come up with a whole list of synonyms and be creative to avoid paying for ads that have nothing to do with what you’re selling. He uses the example of online dating – you think romance – searchers may be thinking science (as in “carbon dating”). Exclude the content network sites that don’t convert.
  • Don’t wait until your campaign is perfect before launching. Launch first, then use the data to continually improve.

OrangeSoda runs PPC campaigns for small businesses – we have a very low entry point and serve this part of the market that most companies won’t touch. We also manage PPC campaigns for larger accounts that involve a lot of customization. However, if you want run your own campaigns, be sure to avoid the common mistakes listed above (or if you can’t avoid them, at least learn from them!).