What is Anchor Text?


Gaining links to your website is important to earn significance on the Internet—namely establishing relevancy for your targeted keywords and receiving relevant search traffic. One of the most effective ways to build your website’s relevancy for a particular keyword is utilizing a link with anchor text.

Anchor text is a hyperlink (generally colored blue, underlined and italicized, and “clickable”) that will lead you to a particular website. Generally, clickable text is best used when it is a keyword phrase that you would like your website to rank for.

Take a look at the HTML coding of anchor text below:

<a href=”http://www.examplewebsite.com/””>Keyword Phrase or Anchor Text Here</a>

The code displayed above is what would create the anchor text on a website, blog post, or other similar Internet page.
anchor text-1

It is important to note that before you can have effective, optimized anchor text, you must have completed keyword research and established your targeted keyword phrases. Not only will this affect your website’s keyword rankings within search engines, but it will also allow Internet users who click on your link to know where they are going.

The main goal of having optimized anchor text links is accumulating quality backlinks to your website. Think of links as a vote towards your website for being relevant or popular, and the more links you have pointing back to your website (especially while using anchor text), the better chance your website will have for ranking on search engines for a particular keyword.

Writing articles or blog posts (and submitting them to various distribution websites) is a great way to utilize keyword phrases within anchor text—as there is an ‘author box’ feature located at the end of the article to create the HTML anchor text code—as well as to build up the number of links to your website.

By using anchor text for your website’s link building efforts correctly, you can be well on your way to more relevant search traffic and higher keyword rankings on search engines.



Targeting anchor text goes along way to strengthen individual pages, but in my experience any link to your site with our without good anchor text is helpful in increasing the domain authority. Anchor text helps the page authority, all links help the doman authority.



@ceagar: Yes, I have read and experienced the same thing. That’s a very helpful thought to point out (page authority and domain authority). I suppose the purpose of the post was to explain anchor text to someone who isn’t familiar with the term and some of the benefits of using it. Which one do you feel is more important: page authority or domain authority? Or does it depend on your goals?

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