What burgers teach us about business


As hard as my wife tries to get me interested in fresh fruits and veggies, I’m a junk food man at heart.  Guess what my two favorite gut-bombs are?  Burgers and doughnuts.  (Would you believe I’ve even tried a doughnut burger?  As in, the bun was made of doughnuts?  But I digress…)  What I’m saying here is I find burgers delicious.

Now, a lot goes into making a good burger into a delicious burger: the temperature, the condiments, the meat quality, the sogginess of the bun, the crunch of the lettuce, the grease of the cheese…I could go on.  And you know what my favorite burger place does?  They remember me, and they know my order.  I walk in there and immediately feel the magic everyone wants their customer to feel: I feel like they know me, and I feel like my business is important to them.

Respect a customers needs

As a customer, I feel like they know my needs and respect my tastes.  And because of that, I’m loyal.  They know what to do, they do it well, and they make sure I feel valued in the process.  Isn’t that how you want your clients to feel?

You can do that just by being attentive to their needs and preferences.  Paying attention to your customers shows them that they’re important to you.  When they feel valued, your relationship clicks and everything will run more smoothly.  There are burger places I go for the ambiance and burger places I go for the burger. Maybe it’s the fries I love at one place and the dipping sauce at the other.  But the best combo?  A good burger AND good service.

Caring and respect prevents problems down the road

In that case, I don’t mind when my burger guy messes up my order.  He’s quick to fix it and I can never hold a grudge.  Plus, it’s just too delicious to mind.  When you make mistakes (as you’re bound to do), your clients will roll with the punches as long as you’re quick to fix it and they know that you consider them a person, not just a number.  Take pride in what you do and help your clients feel like it is your pleasure to serve them.  They’ll be back again and again and will probably bring their friends. Now, please pass the ketchup.



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I would have to agree with you. You definitely made some great points.

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