Wedding advice is usually good business advice too

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Isn’t it weird how strangers give out random wedding advice?  Back when my wife-before-she-was-my-wife and I were engaged, people told us all sorts of stuff.  You know, don’t go to bed angry, always fight naked, “when wife is happy, life is happy,” and whatever else strangers like to tell you when they find Pout you’re getting married.  But I distinctly remember a bespectacled, graying old neighbor of mine taking me aside one afternoon and sharing one of the smartest yet most obvious pieces of advice I’ve ever received:

“Here’s the trick. Watch what she likes.  Do more of that.  Watch what makes her mad or sad.  Do less of that.”

That is certainly true when it comes to marriage.  If my wife likes me to wash the car, I should try to do it more often.  If she hates it when I eat corndogs for seven meals straight, I should probably do less of that.  In fact, in general, if you deal with people, this is probably good advice.  How about in business?  The advice applies there, too!  “Watch what they like.  Do more of that.  Watch what makes them mad or sad.  Do less of that”.

It should be obvious, but it isn’t

Take a look at your business and assess how what you’re doing is working out for you.  How are your clients and employees responding to your current way of doing business? Is there something you’re doing that should change?  Is there something you’re doing that rocks so much you should not just keep doing it, but look for ways to do more of it?  It’s that simple.  Take stock of your procedures and daily/weekly experiences and see what lessons they hold.

A consistent surveying of your circumstances can yield some great results.  Watch for what is working well.  Do more of that.  Watch for what is not working, either for you, for your employees, for your customers, for your suppliers, etc., and do less of that.   A little extra effort here and there, and just like me and my wife, you and your small business just might live happily ever after.