Website Traffic vs. Website Conversion

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Getting traffic to your website seems to be the number one goal for most business owners (or anyone, really). But, is that the best goal to shoot for?

While receiving a lot of website traffic is great, I feel that actually focusing on website conversions is the ticket to success. Whether you are offering a product or service, having a user-friendly website experience can bring positive results to the bottom line of your business.

Although certain elements are more “web design” than “SEO,” the two are pretty interrelated. The following are a few simple items to address on your website to help conversions.

Eliminate Flash Introduction or Splash Page

Even though a really slick intro seems likely to impress your new visitors, it kind of does the opposite (see: fleeing quickly). The majority of Internet users don’t want to wait to get through all of the rigmarole of an intro page to actually see your actual website. It is best to have an aesthetically enjoyable landing page (and website) and skip the frills.

Use Favorable Font Size and Color

Having a small font size (generally less than 10 point) can instantly give a bad first impression and cause most readers to strain their eyes or, worse yet, leave your website. Similarly, if your website utilizes a font color that’s similar (or the same) as the background color, it makes it very difficult to read (and in extreme cases may cross the line into “hidden text,” a “black hat” SEO technique).

Likewise, don’t select an extremely large font size for the main content (a large font size for headings is generally okay). Large text is typically viewed as unprofessional and can be problematic for some screen resolutions (for the average computer user).

Think Twice About Music

Music can be a great way to entice website visitors…if you’re a musician. If you’re a home builder, lawyer, or in any other profession where music doesn’t quite make sense, you should probably avoid any songs playing in the background.

Having a song that automatically starts playing as soon as a visitor lands on your website can be startling (as some individuals have their computer speakers turned up loud as they listen to their personal music collection). Also, a number of people consider music in the background annoying and disruptive to their user-experience, especially if an on/off button doesn’t exist.

Traffic and Conversion Go Hand in Hand

It doesn’t do your business any good to have 1,000 visitors a day if you convert one visitor a week. If you already have a decent amount of traffic to your website, be sure to do all you can to make your visitor have a comfortable experience.


Bryan Phelps

Awesome post – I also recommend have a very clear call to action which varies from site to site. It may be an “order now” button for e-commerce or a very visible phone number or contact form for brick-and-mortar stores.

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