Video Marketing Can Mean ROI for Small Businesses

Social media is turning into the next natural phenomenon on the web. With the right tactics, it is possible to get enormous amounts of exposure with relatively low costs. When people think of social media Facebook and Twitter are usually the first two networks that come to mind. These are highly effective tools that should be used in coordination with video.

More and more small businesses are learning how to leverage the internet to compete against larger corporations. Video has proven to be an important tool if David wants to find success against Goliath. The main question on everyone’s minds is how you have a successful video marketing campaign. Lucky for you, we’ve dug a few tips out of our archives to help you out.

Video Marketing Process

  • Find out if your company has the type of product that could benefit from video marketing.
  • Dig through all of your old marketing material to see if you can use any already-produced footage. There are significant cost savings if you are able to edit and publish already-existing video.
  • Make sure that your company would benefit more from our standard video marketing or our landing page video marketing. Many companies would benefit from both.
  • Produce video and distribute through as many channels as possible. We recommend using a tool such as Traffic Geyser or Tube Mongol to help with uploading to hundreds of directories.

Tips for Producing an Effective Video

  • Incorporate upbeat music throughout the movie.
  • Keep video to fewer than 4 minutes.
  • Make your video funny, cool, or clever.
  • Have a clear call to action at the end of each video.
  • Be sure to incorporate the website you are trying to promote at the beginning and ending of each movie.
  • If distributing on Youtube and other video directories, be sure to write excellent Meta Data.
  • Edit your video in sharp, clear, and interesting clips.

Sample Videos

Take the Social Media Plunge Today

With video or any other type of new marketing technique, there is definitely a learning curve. It is going to take a while to produce something that people are going to want to see. At first, don’t be too picky about putting out something that isn’t perfect. The important thing is that you try to improve with every piece of work.