The Secret to Using QR Codes Effectively

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It’s definitely difficult to decide where and how to best spend your precious advertising budget. You may find yourself asking what portion of your budget should go to online marketing vs. how much should be invested in traditional print marketing. What if I were to tell you there was a seemingly magical way to combine both types of advertising in order to maximize your advertising budget? That’s right! Including QR codes on print materials is the perfect way to combine offline advertising with online marketing.

What is a QR code, you ask?

A QR code is a 1-inch by 1-inch, 2 dimensional bar code that smart phone users scan from printed ad materials. Once the bar code is scanned, offline customers are redirected to your mobile webpage where they can access much more information about your company. Including a QR code on printed materials is the perfect way to draw customers in with a short and sweet print message, and then redirect them to a mobile site with loads more information.

When Should You Use a QR Code?

A QR code can be used in a number of situations and for different purposes. For example, use a QR code if you want customers to:

  • View your mobile website or a landing page
  • Access a coupon or enter a giveaway
  • Learn about a cool promotion
  • Read product reviews and/or product descriptions
  • Subscribe to your e-mail list
  • Purchase products using your mobile app
  • Watch a video or view an Infographic about your product
  • Fill out customer information
  • Sign up for your services

Using QR codes is not only a great way to combine offline advertising with online marketing, but you can also track any QR code engagement. This means you can find out what types of print campaigns are resonating best with your customers. Remarkable.

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