Use Social SEO in Your Online Marketing Strategy

We often use the terms “social” and “SEO” in the realm of online marketing, but recently the terms have also been morphed together as “social SEO” to create a relatively new phenomenon. Social SEO is the concept that activity on your social media platforms plays a huge role in your website’s search rankings. Here are some ideas for how to use social media to your advantage in order to increase your ranking.

1. Utilize Google+ – If you haven’t created a Google+ account yet, stop whatever you are doing and start using this tool. Anything you post on Google+ is quickly indexed, not only into Google Social search, but also into standard web search. The more +1s, shares, and circle members you have, the more customers will see your content on Google.

2. Tweet immediately – Twitter has more advantages than just sending out fun messages to your followers. Twitter gets indexed faster than most every website. To increase the ranking of your post, tweet it right away.

3. Increase your followers – More really is more when it comes to followers. The more fans, followers, and activity your posts receive, the more likely your content will be shared. Search engines eat shared social activity for breakfast, so make sure you have a vast social following.

4. Include sharing options – While it’s important to have followers, it’s equally important to have a way for your followers to share your content. Consider adding share, like, and recommend buttons to all of the content you post.

5. Post consistently – The more robust and consistent your content, the more search engines will pay attention to you. Establish a regular pattern for posting articles and sharing on your social media sites.

Now, shoo! Go get a social life for your business!