How to Use Google Plus to Increase Your Reach

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I know what you’re thinking! “I’ve just updated my Facebook business profile with some pretty great content. Then I spent some time tweeting, hashtagging, favoriting, and even retweeting. Then I created a board on Pinterest that I know my audience is just going to love. Finally, I wrote an engaging blog post on my company website that my clients are going to eat up. And now you’re telling me I need to post on Google+ too?”

Yep, that’s exactly what I’m telling you. Google + is not only a killer social media site, but it’s also an easy way to increase your reach and build links. Here’s how it all works:

Search and Connect With Others

When trying to build your online reach, Google+ offers an easy way for you to find your friends. If you click on the “Find people” section, Google returns a list of people who fall under certain categories like “suggestions,” “added you,” and people you might actually know, such as previous and present co-workers, old university classmates, and more. Once you’re done adding people, you can also find folks who are posting about a certain subject. I, for one, enjoy adding other freelance writers to see what my peers are publishing. It rocks.

Organization with Google+

Google+ allows you to organize your followers into what Google calls Circles. This means you can target exactly those people you want to share your content with. When prospecting, consider dividing your business contacts into circles like Prospects, Contacted, Follow-Ups, and New Customers. This can help you find out “who is who” in the world of social media and help you better organize your posts.

Outreach Options

Not only can you organize your contacts, but you can also actually contact them through Google+. Check out Gmail and Google Hangouts available in Google+ to reach your followers by email, chat, and even video.

Get Backlinks and Social Shares

If your goal is to rank highly in the organic listings of Google, the best piece of advice I can give you is to use the social products they offer. Here’s why this is important: one way to boost your website in the organic listings of Google is to engage in proven link building strategies. The ultimate goal of any website should be to acquire as many quality links as possible. This is accomplished anytime someone links back to your website on their website. The cool thing about Google+ is that when you post a link and someone shares it, not only does it count as a social share, but it also counts as a backlink. That’s worth a lot of points to the big G.

For more information about how to extend your reach or tips for utilizing Google+ more effectively, please contact us at OrangeSoda. We’re here for you.