Two Reasons Why Your Website Doesn't Create Business

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You have hired a firm to conduct your SEO campaign. The correct keywords were chosen, on-site changes have been made, link building efforts are ongoing, and your website is ranking in the top three positions on the three major search engines (for your respective keywords). You even have the analytics that show a large number of visitors to your website. All is well…except you’re getting little to no business from all of the “success.” What gives?

The situation you just read happens more often than you think, and the people who have invested their time and money into an SEO effort are left with the viewpoint that either SEO doesn’t work or it’s a scam. But, if you dig just beneath the surface, you can find legitimate reasons why your website isn’t reaching its potential.

I have found that the following two reasons are the most common issues for low conversions, even though you have great success on search engines and a lot of traffic to the website:

1. Website’s Layout, Theme, and Aesthetics

You can have all the visitors in the world, but if your website looks like it was made in 1995 by someone who thinks animated GIFs are “eye catchers,” then you might be in need of a website revamp.

Having a website that is crisp, clean, and professional adds to the value your company (and its brand). It’s best to stay away from very generic template themes (i.e., anything with an American flag and bald eagle in the background, unless you sell American flags and bald eagles). You don’t want pictures of monkeys or dolphins if you’re in the construction business.┬áIn other words, be sure that your website’s theme coincides with the nature of your business.

If, as a consumer, you went to a website that featured 10 different font colors or contained images that had nothing to do with your search (remember: monkeys = bad), wouldn’t you move on to the next search result? Keep the visitor’s first impression and overall experience in mind.

2. Confusing Message and Weak Text

I know I’ve mentioned it before on this blog, but having quality website text is two-fold: one of the pushed-aside folds is what the visitor infers from the text.

If your business is law, psychology, or any type of occupation that requires convincing that your company is professional and competent, then your text needs to be error-free, influential, and able to inspire confidence that you’re the right choice. There’s nothing worse than having a sentence that reads: “Our company takes pride in its attention to detale.”

Similarly, if your website is just fluff, generic, and basically regurgitating what’s already on other websites, what makes your website different? If the visitor has read your text (or similar) somewhere else, then you don’t stand out and you make the visitor feel that you’re not worth his or her time or money.

More Than Just Two Reasons

I only explained two of the most common reasons that, after a successful SEO campaign, a website fails to make sales. There are plenty of other negative website aspects to talk about that will make visitors flee. In all things, just ask, “What characteristics will make me leave a website in search of a trustworthy one?”