Traffic Diversification: Don't Put All Your Chickens in One Basket


For some time now I’ve been mulling over a marketing/analytics idea I call traffic diversification. Simply put, traffic diversification is a methodology whereby a website diversifies the sources of traffic it receives.

In my time as an internet marketer, I’ve audited and optimized 100’s of websites. One underlying challenge I see for most sites is that they receive 70-80% of their traffic from a very few sources.

Common sources of traffic to a website

  • Direct: visitor types the domain
  • Organic: natural searches from Google, Yahoo! or Bing
  • PPC: paid clicks, sometimes referred to as cpc, or AdWords
  • Banners: both cpc and cpm
  • Email: only legitimate subscription based email marketing, no SPAM (though it still works)
  • Affiliates
  • Partners
  • Joint ventures
  • Social media
  • Referrals from other websites

As a site ages and gains respect and authority, traffic will naturally begin to diversify, especially from organic, referral and direct sources. However it is very important to encourage as much diversification as possible early on. Even within each these sources, it is important to diversify. Most SEO experts believe that having diversity among the various sources of links is very important. This can be a challenge because of capacity, budget, and expertise. Though challenging, diversification is well worth the effort.

Watch for my next post about how to use Google Analytics to monitor your site’s traffic diversification.

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