Top Secret: No One Has to Know How Small Your Small Business Is

Do you have the world’s fanciest office? Leather couches, beautiful windows, only corner offices, fountain drinks flowing freely and halls gleaming with cleanliness and importance. Or maybe “office” is a generous word to describe the laptop perching precariously on your crumb-covered kitchen counter.  Guess what?  I’ll never know!  It’s 2011 and chances are you do business on the internet.  Thanks to the internet, with the careful execution of a few fundamental tips, you can look and act like a bigwig and no one will know the difference. Here are our two cents: 

Make sure your website rocks.

On these amazing interwebs, people don’t look at you to see what kind of person you are, and it’s rare that they will come into your store and be impressed by how clean it is.  All they have to judge you on is your website.  Is it professional?  Is it impressive?  Is it user-friendly?  If you have a lame website but an awesome company, no one will know how awesome your company is because all they see is the lame website.

Offer outstanding customer service.

You can offer just as many products as larger corporations do, but as a small business, what sets you apart from the bigger companies is your ability to offer better and more personalized customer experience.

Answer emails right away.

Even if all you can say is “More information is coming soon; thanks for your email,” your customers deserve some sort of acknowledgement immediately to let them know they reached you and you’re working on whatever they need you to be working on.  You can automate this if necessary or train your employees to provide these responses, but as a small business, immediate, polite responses can show just how professional you are (whether or not your baby brother is your only employee).

With a little careful planning, any small business can look as big and professional as it wants to.



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