Tips for Business Bloggers


Maybe you have thousands of readers of your blog. Maybe you have a couple dozen. In either case, doing a bit of personal branding for your blog can help drive more traffic and bring in more readers. Here are a few tips on how to do some personal branding for yourself and your blog:

Have a self-hosted website.

Free blogs, like Blogger and WordPress are great,  but individuals and businesses look more professional with their own self-hosted site. When I say a self-hosted website, I mean that you should be the one who actually owns the domain name. That means the blog doesn’t end in or It just ends in .com. Domain names and hosting services can be very cheap nowadays and provide you with instant branding and credibility.

Create a personal tagline.

This could be the title of your blog, a #hashtag/topic you blog about, or simply a phrase you live by. Whatever it is, advertise it throughout your site and on your different social media profiles. Repetitive phrases will help gain brand recognition online.

Share personal insight.

Sharing your life and work experiences with your readers can help establish yourself as not only a real person, but also as an expert on a specific topic. Put your emotions, feelings, beliefs, and experiences in it, and don’t be afraid to address the reader as you.

Be transparent.

This doesn’t mean that your readers should know every little detail about your life. What I mean by being transparent is that your readers should be able to find you with no trouble on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.  Make it simple for them to subscribe to you or follow your public posts. Have social media icons that link to your various social media profiles in the navigation (or another really visible area) throughout your site.

I’m sure there are many more techniques out there that bloggers have used to personally brand themselves; these are just a few have been successful in my experience. If you know of more ways bloggers can improve their personal branding, feel free to comment below!