Three Niche Marketing Tactics You Should Use to Gain More Customers

If you haven’t already begun to explore the realm of niche marketing, it is time to start. Niche marketing is more profitable than broader tactics because you are targeting a narrow group—a group that truly wants what you are offering.

When people are looking for your services or answers to common questions related to your industry, they want answers quickly and you have the opportunity to be the number one source of information.

Google is holding strong as the search engine marketing share leader with more than 65% of searchers using a Google site to find information online. Google’s large algorithm (“search recipe”) update released in fall 2013 focused on understanding the context of the search and then giving the best results—what the user really wants to know a.k.a. niche information.

This change accommodates long-tail, question-like queries, which most searchers use in their day-to-day life. With this change, there is a less attention on anchor text or targeted keywords and more attention on the actual content on your site and the information it offers.

With all of this in mind, we can draw conclusions about the importance of niche marketing tactics.

  • Searchers want the information they want quickly and won’t spend time reading through content that doesn’t meet immediate (we’re talking within a few seconds) needs.
  • 50% of mobile searches are trying to find someone local. If you hone in on your niche, you will be better equipped to handle an influx of visitors and gain trust.

Here are some ideas for niche marketing tactics if you need someplace to start.

Create an On-site Blog

Creating an on-site blog is one of the best things you can do if you want become an industry leader and be a source of information for your potential clients. On-site blogs that contain inbound links and reliable information will rank higher in organic search results. You can also gain more traffic to your site by using high-quality content that contains information searchers are looking for.

For the sake of an example, let’s pretend you have a plumbing business. There are many common plumbing problems a homeowner faces. When he/she encounters a problem, the first thing to do is search online for answers before calling an expert (unless, of course, the problem is too overwhelming for a DIY repair).

A clogged drain is a problem everyone deals with. Your on-site blog is the perfect place to post an article about easy solutions for a clogged bathroom sink. Topics like this (called “evergreen” because they are applicable year-round) are useful for the online searcher, gain you credibility, and could earn you more business in the long run.

Make Strategic Partnerships

No one has ever succeeded in business because they isolated themselves. You should consider developing strategic partnerships within your industry when you are diving into niche marketing.

For this example, let’s say you have a home remodeling business. There are many components to remodeling (demolition, re-constructing, re-designing), not to mention many materials you need before it becomes a finished product. It is beneficial to create partnerships with vendors you use often and rely on for various jobs.

These partnerships could be with a carpet installer who does excellent work, a roofing expert who can fix any problem, or an interior designer who knows how to make a house a home. Start a dialogue with these associates and talk about the potential for more business if you partner in more jobs. Maybe that includes a financial incentive for the other party with every recommendation.

Your customers will benefit from receiving superior results, your partner will benefit from more business, and you will benefit by gaining trust from the client for recommending credible businesses.

Don’t worry, this scenario goes both ways. Once you develop these partnerships with your vendors (or other people you work with on a regular basis), they will recommend you to their client base and you will see an increase in business.

Start Really Listening

Seems self-explanatory, but this is where many businesses fall flat in their niche marketing techniques. With Google’s algorithms becoming more sophisticated and your clients being more specific in search queries, you need to find out what they are looking for, whether it is services or search terms, and then implement tactics to jump on that potential business.

How do you find these things out? A combination of:

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from your clients because it can help you realize what your business is lacking. Have your client fill out a feedback form after you complete a service. This can be valuable information for your future success because surveys say that only “highly satisfied” customers are the ones who return for services.

Your competitors may already be using some of these tactics and in result, you are losing out on business. Focus your efforts on niche marketing to see an increase in customers and gain credibility in the industry on a local level. You can start by implementing these three tactics and then branch out from there.