Three Easy Changes for Optimizing Your Mobile PPC Campaigns

PPC ads are one of the most valuable online marketing techniques for businesses looking for conversions because the results are easily tracked, which means you get answers about where your traffic is coming from and what actions the ads are driving—therefore, giving you all the information you need to determine the worth of your investment. Maybe you already know this and have some campaigns up and running. If so, now is the perfect time to evaluate your strategy and make some simple optimizations for your mobile campaigns in hopes of getting even more conversions.

Why Mobile-Optimized PPC Ads Are Important

Everyone has a cell phone these days. And all the cool kids are using a smart phone. These phones allow the user to browse the web, social apps, and play games all from a handheld device. For our conversation purposes, we’re going to focus on the fact that they use the web to search; users search while they are eating out, shopping around town, and trying to find a business and they usually want a quick answer. Your ads will only be clicked if they are targeting the user in the correct context

Consider this illustration about two different people searching for the same thing but receive specialized ads based on their search platform, time of day, and location:

user a and user b
The ad for User A is carefully crafted to meet his needs. He’s at home, around lunchtime, searching for a pizza joint for lunch. The copy is optimized for the context and reflect his needs (delivery). The ad for User B is perfectly created, too. She is looking for a place to get a few cheap slices of pizza while she is out and about. It is optimized for the mobile user, and we are willing to bet that she is more likely to convert with that ad than if she viewed User A’s ad.

Now on to the optimizations.

Make the CTA Obvious

Don’t force the mobile searcher to spend time looking for contact information. Your call to action and preferred method of contacting (probably a call) should be obvious and easy to do. If we use the illustration example again, the call button feature is enabled on this campaign, which means the searcher can press that button and call the number directly from the ad.

This is the recommended way to offer phone number information on Google. (In April of last year, Google disabled the option to have an actual phone number listed in mobile ads.[2]) There’s no visiting a website and then hunting for a phone number. You make conversion easy and smart phone users like easy. Luckily for you, making this change is simple as well:

  • You can set up a Google AdWords call extension feature on your ads.[3]
  • When the extensions is called, you will be charged a fee, but it may be worth it considering your new business.

This obvious call-to-action business isn’t just important for ads that advertise immediate services—it also applies for landing pages. If your ad directs someone to a specific landing page, the call to action should be clear (call us, visit us, order it, schedule an appointment, fill out a form, etc.).

Cut to the Chase

Mobile-optimized PPC ads don’t need to include a lot of copy. Your words need to be constructed thoughtfully to meet the needs of the searcher. Most searchers will just glance at the words, so this is not the time to be longwinded. Someone searching for a last-minute plumber might like to see the words “quick,” “fast,” “last-minute,” and other similar phrases in your ads. As long as the wording answers the searchers most pertinent question, you are in good shape.

Look over your mobile PPC ad copy now and optimize it so it gets to the point quickly. If you aren’t that clever, hire a company that has PPC solutions that will help you get more conversions.

Use Unique Incentives

Everyone loves a good deal and this even applies to mobile searchers. Run your campaign to include unique incentives (not found anywhere else) available only if the person converts. A mobile-optimized landing page is the perfect place to explain the promotion in more detail and then offer a code to use when the customer checks out or calls you to schedule a service. The key is to make the promo something the user can’t find someplace else. If you always offer 10% off a first-time service, then your ad won’t seem that special if you run that copy. People want to know they are saving money and feel like you are making an exception for them.

Optimizing for mobile is very important and is different than desktop strategies. Make these three easy changes today. One of the best things about mobile PPC campaigns is that you can adjust if you don’t see results and it’s pretty simple to do. Every industry is different and depending on your location or your specific clientele, you might need to adjust your strategies to leverage your services the best way possible.