The Value of Your Website


As humans we are always looking for the quick win, the magic pill, the painless success. It’s got to be built into our DNA–conserve resources, achieve the most survival with the least expenditure of energy. So it comes as no surprise to me that my SEO clients continually want to take shortcuts with their SEO or their online marketing in general, but specifically with their SEO efforts.

There is No Quick Shortcut to Success

The brutal fact of reality is that there is no magic pill for SEO, it does and will take time. The search engines reward quality resources with quality search positions.

Ask these questions about your website:

  1. Will a visitor who reads this content or purchases this product have a problem solved or somehow be able to live life better?
  2. Why should a visitor read my content and not some other website?
  3. Does my website honestly have what people are looking for?

Here is an example of a website that did not pass any of these questions. About six months ago we had a client we were working with pre-sales who had a website similar to Fandango, the well-known and trusted authority in the movie times, ticketing and information. They had the idea that they could blow Fandango out of the water in 6 months. I asked them these three questions, they had no answers, and shockingly they still wanted to proceed with SEO. My recommendation was to take a good long and introspective look at their business model. They didn’t like hearing that. They need to focus on what they could be the best at in world. Fandango is already the best in their space with the only real competition being the search engines.

Focus on making your business a valuable resource for people, whether through a product or service, then translate that value to your website and the results will follow. The best and most effect SEO is creating value that others will naturally want to talk about and share.


AJ Wilcox

Agreed, Clint. In order to get to the top and stay there, you absolutely need to deserve the position. Otherwise, the search engine gods will never let your reign be permanent.

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