The Most Important PPC Report

Pay-per-click marketing is a very effective way to reach your customers in droves. Its important to remember that each click is paid for out of someone’s pocket. I go to great lengths to make sure that my clients money is spent as effectively as possible. There are few factors that determine effective spending but for me the most important one is the search query report in AdWords. A search query report gives me data to make two very important decisions that can save tons of money and make my campaign more effective.

Find Negative Keywords

Search query reports are the best resource we have to do negative keyword research because it showing actual date from your campaign, how awesome is that! After a campaign has been running long enough to gather data this report needs to be run and without fail you will find some strange search queries that are triggering ads. These strange queries are damaging your campaign in a few ways

  • Increase the average CPA
  • Lower you CTR which will effect you quality score
  • Every wild click you get is a missed opportunity for a conversion
  • Impression share for the right keywords is being wasted on junk keywords

After this report is reviewed an analyzed its time to ad those strange queries as negative keywords. Refining the negative keywords for any PPC campaign is one of the best ways to ensure you are spending wisely. In my opinion this report needs to be run a bare minimum of once a month but I like to run it every two weeks.

Find Converting Keywords

Search query reports are equally good at mining new keywords. No matter how perfectly crafted the keywords you have chosen are I guarantee there are more. People’s search habits change over time and seasons. Also, as a searcher gets deeper into the purchasing funnel search terms get refined and are likely more long tail. A search query report can help you identify those changes and take advantage of those long tail queries. Once those new keywords are identified you may be able to ad them to an existing adgroup or you may decide create a whole new one based on the relevancy. It is my opinion that each keyword added to an adgroup due to a search query report should be placed on exact match because you know exactly what search provided the conversion, take advantage of it.