The Importance of Quality Website Text

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One of the most significant aspects of a website is the readable text. Having excellent content has two benefits: user-friendliness and an enhancement for keyword rankings.

Obviously, the more description you have about your website (i.e., services, products, etc.), the more information the website visitor will have to make a decision. If your text is fluid, useful, and error-free, you have a higher probability of selling your merchandise or service.

Have you ever been to a website and read through unprofessional content? What was your first impression of that website? Some┬ápeople are turned away from websites that have incoherent or inaccurate text. If you can’t convey your message correctly or are tolerable of content mistakes, then you’re not instilling much confidence to potential clients.

In addition to user-friendly text, it’s important that the content contains relevant keywords, as this will promote your website’s significance on search engines (for your particular keywords). For example, let’s say you have a website about your car wash business in Orange County and want to rank well for the keyword “Brea car wash.” What do you think the chances are of your website ranking for said keyword if that phrase (or any part of that phrase) isn’t found within the content?

Search engines, while crawling and indexing your website, analyze your website’s text and use that data (along with many other factors) to determine if the website is pertinent for various keyword searches. The implementation of on-site keywords will increase the probability for your website’s keyword rankings.

Likewise, having newly added content to your website regularly has also been known to help websites on search engines. Keeping your website updated with fresh, original text (e.g., a blog) prompts search engines to come back and crawl and index your content. It appears that search engines are starting to move towards real-time search results, so having a blog on your website that posts every so often could be very beneficial.

Of course, each industry varies in its competition for keyword rankings, so having quality website text isn’t an all-in-one solution, but on-page keyword usage is an important factor in a search engine’s algorithm.

Additionally, it is essential to remember to not “keyword stuff” (overuse keyword phrases), as search engines are aware of when they are trying to be manipulated. Doing so might hurt your website’s keyword rankings, which is basically the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish with text.

Keep in mind that the website’s text is primarily for the visitors of your website. It can be difficult to incorporate both user-friendliness and keyword optimization for your website’s content, but doing so can have a positive impact for your online business.


AJ Wilcox

Content is King! Unique, useful content that is both readable to humans and search engines is always the best strategy. Thanks Luis!

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