The Economy of Spam – Why They Do It

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A short time ago I wrote a post on how to end spam forever. The long and short of it is to simply to stop buying from spammers. As a follow-up, I thought it would be prudent to show the economics of a spammer’s bottom line.

Do you see why they spam? I sure do, QUIT BUYING FROM SPAMMERS!

Recently, I created a survey that asked two simple questions:

  • Have you purchased from a spam email?
  • How many spam email do you have in your spam folder right now?

The results of the survey are in:

  • 93 Total responses
  • 5.4% said that they had purchased from a spammer
  • 44% said that they have more than 100 spam emails in their spam folder
spam survey results

Spam Survey Results

The average spammer sends out a 1,000,000 (yeah that’s a million) emails per day.

The very last spam message I received was titled “Rep1icaWatches: Swiss Rep1ica Watch Buy Perfect Watches Clones Cheap.” The offer said that prices started at $150 USD. At an email open rate of 0.1% and a 0.5% conversion rate, and a commission of 20% the spammer would have made $150 in the last 24 hours, or $4,500 last month – ouch!

Here’s another spam example: “Start earning the salary you deserve by obtaining the appropriate University Degree for a prosperous life.” Assuming a higher open rate of 0.5% but a lower conversion rate of 0.05% and a 20% commission and an average value of over $2,000 this spammer cold have made $1,000 today, or $30,000 this month – double ouch!

Do you see why they spam? I sure do, SO QUIT BUYING FROM SPAMMERS!