5 Reasons You Should Tell Your Brand’s Story

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If you’ve watched any reality TV recently (and let’s face it, you have), you’ve probably noticed the further the show gets, the more invested you become in the contestants/characters.

At first, every contestant is on an even playing field, and you may not remember who they are or what they even look like. As time goes on, something magical happens. You learn their stories—you learn where they come from, what they’ve gone through, what they like, and you start to relate to them. Eventually, you not only start caring about them, you start rooting for them. Suddenly, you’ve gone from not remembering what your favorite contestants even looked like to liking their Facebook fan page or putting their poster up on your wall. The reason you end up caring so much is because the show’s producers have done an excellent job “telling their story.” Imagine how different reality television ratings would be if no one ever told the contestants’ stories! No one would care.

Now, you may be wondering why I’m talking so much about reality TV on an Internet marketing blog. Well, the concept behind intriguing reality TV is the same for marketing. If you want people to become invested in your company, you need to tell your story just as powerfully as the producers of a reality show. Here are 5 reasons you should tell your brand’s story.

1. Stories are compelling

Think about a time when you have donated time or money to a cause. Now think of the reason why. Chances are you heard someone’s story, and it moved you to action. Stories help us relate to other people and usually move us to some sort of action. Your brand most likely has some reason for existing—some reason that compels others to buy what you are selling. Share that story with your customers.

2. Stories help us remember

We can tell a child “don’t be greedy” or “don’t boast” in very simple terms and hope it sticks, or we can tell them about Rumpelstiltskin. Most likely, they will internalize the moral from hearing about Rumpelstiltskin more than from hearing a 3 word phrase starting with “don’t.” Telling your brand’s story is a great way to help others remember you.

3. Stories provide context

As you throw out pieces of content in the form of blogs, videos, infographics, commercials, and more, your customers will begin to understand the context of where you are coming from as a company. This information helps them grasp the big picture.

4. Stories help people care

Why should I care if Hap Holmstead reaches his weight loss goal on the Biggest Loser this season? Well, I normally wouldn’t, but I recently heard his story, and I learned he is from my home state, has 3 kids, and shares similar passions. That story makes me like him and makes me care about him. Three cheers for Hap! The more you show your brand’s story, the more people will care about you.

5. Stories help marketing efforts

Are you tired of trying to produce interesting content every week? Try telling a story with your marketing efforts and watch how your ideas improve, your content improves, and watch your conversion rates soar.

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