Tell Your Brand's Story with Facebook Timeline

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Facebook has made Timeline mandatory for brand pages, and some businesses are still struggling to effectively use it to their advantage. Almost every day, I come across Facebook pages that are missing small but important pieces of their Facebook Timeline. Whether it’s your cover photo, company description, company milestones, or a product launch, every bit of information that you add to your company’s page will greatly help potential customers see your brand’s story. 

Let me highlight a few things you should do to share your brand’s story through Facebook Timeline:

#1 – Create a Cover Photo – At the root of any successful advertising campaign is the ability to portray the look and feel of your brand. Facebook’s cover photo is prime real estate that acts as a billboard for your brand. Creating a cover photo that is both eye-catching and brand-descriptive can not only help tell your brand’s story, but it can also encourage users to engage more with your brand. For example, The New York Times cover photo focuses on a man taking a picture with his camera in the middle of a city, while standing with his bike. It portrays a simple brand message: journalism of the here and now. This helps tell the story of their brand in an interesting way.

#2 – Write Something in the About Section – Nothing bothers me more (that may be an exaggeration, but still) than when a business neglects to complete the About/Business Description section of their Facebook Timeline. How do you expect people to know what your brand stands for if you don’t put it down in writing?

#3 – Make Retroactive Posts – What do the Adidas Originals, Coca-Cola, and The New York Times Facebook pages all have in common?  Look to the right of their cover photo, above your Facebook chat box. Do you see any ads? Most likely you’ll just see a long list of years going back to the year these companies were founded (which, in Coke’s case is all the way back to 1886). If you see ads in this space instead, then Facebook has either made recent adjustments, or your computer has adware… let’s hope it’s due to the former. Using the retroactive posting feature available on Timeline, these companies have gone through the major highlights of their brand’s history and added those events to their Timeline. Doing this not only pushes all the ads off your Facebook Timeline (which can be great for user experience), it also helps your brand tell your story better. Now fans of Adidas Originals, Coca-Cola, and The New York Times can travel back in time to see images, news, and highlights from throughout the years with that brand. It’s a great way for any brand, big or small, to tell its story.

Facebook’s Timeline has helped many brands find effective ways to show and establish their brand’s story. If used properly, Timeline can be one of the most useful tools a company has for showcasing its brand. Don’t get left behind as others begin to discover the utility that Timeline offers.