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Online Video Killed the Radio Star

Advertisers are constantly looking for the most effective online marketing strategies. Well, there are a bunch of different tactics to choose from, but one of the most powerful ways to really own your space on the internet is to invest in online video advertising. Here’s why:

Google Trends Now Includes YouTube Stats

If you’re interested in how often various search terms are entered into Google, you’ve probably found yourself analyzing data in Google Trends. If not, now would be a good time to get with the program. After all, Google Trends is one of the best tools for tracking traffic patterns across the world at various points in time….

Get More Traffic—Jump on the YouTube Marketing Bandwagon!

We all know YouTube is a great place to visit to laugh at hilarious clips, view interesting phenomenon, and check out the latest version of the Harlem Shake. While YouTube is a great site for quick and easy entertainment, YouTube is also an excellent tool for online marketing. See how YouTube marketing can enhance your…