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PPC and SEO Increases Leads Over 3,000% for Online Retailer

MarketingSherpa did a case study on a business that sees online leads pour in – after they started PPC and SEO to market their web site. I half expected to see our name on the article since what they talked about is OrangeSoda‘s specialty! Note: MarketingSherpa articles are free for a limited time and then…

Web Analytics: Follow the Trend

Like SEO, web analytics is not as clearcut as many would like. Unfortunately, there is no standard that all web analytic companies follow. And here’s the even worse news: without a “standard” there can never be reconciliation of web analytic data. Why not? Because every program defines a visitor, a bounce, and a click, differently….

The Power of Online Marketing

“That is why search is powerful. You do not hunt for your customers, they hunt for you. You pick the keywords and the customer picks you. You not only “sell what your customers want,” but you also sell it “while they are actively looking for it.” – Aaron Wall, I’m reading the Aaron Wall’s…