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Local Search Keyword Ranking Results: One Experience

There has already been a lot of conversation in the SEO industry about how various keyword rankings have increased or lowered on Google for local results, so I won’t rehash that too much here. However, I did want to share my experience with one of my locally based business websites and one of my “national”…

Beware of SEO Certifications and SEO Certified Consultants

As SEO continues to grow as a viable and affordable marketing method for many small- and medium-sized businesses, there have been numerous SEO companies and individuals that have started to trot out SEO certifications to enhance the “validity” of their online authenticity and work. Now, this isn’t necessarily a negative practice or a scam, but

Yelp for Local Online Business Reviews

Yelp is a great site for local businesses to get feedback and improve search results for their businesses. Most local business don’t realize how powerful online reviews can be. Reputations can be ruined online by a bad review (know RipOffReport?? Just try to get a negative report off your record!). At first you might not…