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Google Analytics Finally in AdWords

Have you been hesitant to link your AdWords and Analytics accounts together? If you are a heavy AdWords user and don’t go into Analytics often, there may not have been much incentive to link the two together. However, Google has recently started to allow AdWords accounts to import three important metrics from Analytics: Bounce Rate,…

Display Network: Friend or Foe?

If used incorrectly, Google’s display network can be a huge headache to any pay-per-click search campaign. However, it also provides a vast market that compliments a search based marketing campaign. From the available features and tools currently used or beta, small business owners should be utilizing what it has to offer.

Mobile Search On The Right Device

The internet marketing business changes very quickly and Google has been saying for quite some time that “the Internet is going mobile.” So, you may think you have to hurry to AdWords and create some WAP mobile ads to take advantage of this space right? Not necessarily.

Click-to-call Mobile Ads From Google

Google is constantly working on ways to improve local and mobile search. In January Google introduced a new way for local businesses to be reached specifically by mobile devices: click-to-call phone numbers right in the ad. This service is free, easy to implement, and super targeted. Since I am a pretty heavy mobile web user,…

Get a little more out of your PPC: 4 Simple Tests

Are you new to PPC? Stuck in a rut with some very mature campaigns? If you’ve recently set up PPC campaigns, or even if you’ve been managing some campaigns for a while, here are some quick and easy tests you can run to try and squeeze some extra goodness out of your paid search campaigns

No Secret Sauce to PPC

Sometimes businesses or marketers dream of a “secret sauce” to doing SEO or PPC. Most of the time there is no “secret sauce.” There are tools and software, and they give an advantage, but usually it’s knowledge and work that really count. It’s not a cakewalk and it’s best learned when you’re passionate about what…