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Consider Your Audience & Save Excedrin

Internet marketers often put their entire efforts into getting a sale. They want the shortest path and easiest way for people to click on that oh so tempting “buy now” button. But sometimes you have to step back and reevaluate the way you approach customers. There might just be a better way. Especially with Facebook.

Marketing for the Holidays

For those of you that missed it, our Marketing for the Holidays workshop was a big hit and we had a lot of great feedback. Here we present the workshop in it’s entirety, enjoy! The first minute or so the speaker is off camera, sorry about that. If you have any questions please feel free…

3 Reasons Why Facebook Places Sucks

Location based social media has seen a sharp increase in popularity the past 1.5 years with the availability of the smart phones such as the iPhone and Android. Using the built in GPS chip to locate your position you can “check in” at your favorite locations. Companies like Foursquare and Gowalla have dominated this space…

Facebook Pay-Per-Click

I have been a Facebook user for a few years, along with over 300 million other people. From a marketer’s point of view I really like the idea of such a captive audience. Currently, PPC on Facebook is not scalable but they are working pretty quickly to make it that way for professionals or agencies….

Are Scientology and Apple reading your Facebook?

The recent news of someone compiling 100 million Facebook users data into a single public torrent (a downloadable file) brilliantly illustrates some of the growing pains of social media. So did someone hack Facebook and steal your data? Nope, the profiles were all public.

Smashburger: A Social Media Case Study

Hungry to try social media but don’t know where to start? This hip & modern brand is a franchise but focuses on giving their  customers an experience. Hint: It’s not like McDonald’s where everything is almost the exact same. The basis of social media is having something to talk about. Something people would actually care…

Social Networking Sites – How They Can Help your Business

People mistakenly think of social networking as a way to market – to quickly make an impact. They want to be on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other sites. They want to try every new technique they read about. The way most people approach social networking sites is like hiring people to hand out business cards…

The Mayo Clinic on Facebook

Facebook started out as a place for college students to connect with their classmates. Now it’s open to everyone. It’s become not only a social network, but an Internet marketing strategy. It’s easy to see how a person or small business can use Facebook but I’m interested in how a larger organization can participate. Today…