Sync Online Directories Through LocalSync [Infographic]

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Wasn’t life so easy and grand when all you would have to do to find a local business was open the phone book and sort through thousands of pages? Today, thankfully, more and more people (like everyone) are turning to the Internet to find local businesses. In fact, I bet if you asked a youngster what a phone book was, they would stare at you blankly, and then return to playing Angry Birds on their smartphone. While the increased use of online directories is great news for the Internet user, it can get a bit complicated for the business owner, especially since there are over 40 top online directories to update and manage. It can take hours to update information on these directories, which is nothing short of a pain in the rear. In walks OrangeSoda to save the day.

OrangeSoda now offers a spectacular product called LocalSync. LocalSync manages all of your local online directory listings for you. Instead of having to remember a million passwords and take the time to update all of your contact information, OrangeSoda will do it for you. All you have to do is give us a quick call with your updated info, and we will make the changes. Here are some other benefits of LocalSync:

Establish a Strong Local Presence

We make sure you have solid listings on over 40 top business online directories including Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and more. This means that no matter where your customers are searching, they will be able to find you.

Maintain Accurate Listings

Let’s say you changed your business phone number and only remembered to update your number on 15 of your 40+ listings. We make sure your changes are updated and accurate across the board.

Promote Coupons and Specials

Remember how offering online coupons is one of the best ways to get new customers? With LocalSync, we help you push coupons and other special offers across our entire network. What a great way to reach new customers!

Save Time

As mentioned above, you don’t have to spend time managing all of your directories. We do it for you.

Protect Your Data

We make sure to protect all your profiles from erroneous data sources. This makes it so random data from the web can’t invade your listings.

Optimize Your Listings

We will help you optimize your listing so more people can find you.

For more information about how LocalSync can help save you time, energy, and money—and help you get more customers—contact us at OrangeSoda today.