Switching it up: how breaking the routine can lead to your big break

Have you ever fallen into a comfy rut?  You do your thing.  You know how to do it, you like doing it, it’s going well, so you keep doing it, forever and ever, amen.  And there’s not necessarily anything wrong with that.  But when your small business is floating along nicely, you have two options: (1) just go with the flow and settle into your routine, maintaining the status quo or (2) mix it up and take some risks.  If you choose the first option, you can continue earning a decent profit, enjoying your work, and just go along your merry way.  If that’s your goal, fine.  But if you choose the second option and decide to think big and “take it to the next level,” you’re going to have to break the routine.

Trust your gut (within reason).

If your gut tells you to do something dumb, well, come on now.  Don’t be a dummy.  But if your gut tells you to buck conventional wisdom and do something a little risky, why not?  Run it by a few friends to make sure you’re not nuts, but any breakthrough company is going to have to take a risk or two, and taking a risk or two involves thinking creatively and on a larger scale than just next week or next year.  Smart, calculated risks make the difference between small players and big ones

Decide what you want.

You can’t just bob along, thinking you’ll bump into success.  Choose the destination first, and then chart your course and come up with a map.  In other words, decide where you want to go and then decide how to get there.

Even good ruts are still ruts, so it’s important to be intentional about what you do with your business routine.  If you deliberately choose the comfortable path, that’s great, as long as it was a choice and not just your default status.  If you intentionally choose to break your routine and see what else you’re capable of, you just might find your old rut was overrated.