Success featured in Target Marketing magazine

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One of the most exciting things about working for OrangeSoda is seeing how our marketing efforts can transform businesses. These experiences occur every day and often go unrecognized by the general public, however on occasion the work of our team members is showcased in a public forum. Such an experience occurred recently when Target Marketing Magazine published an article spotlighting the results of Colorado Seamless Gutters, one of our long-time clients.

“We’re getting 50 leads per month,” Drugmand says. “They’re solid leads. We’re finding that we’re able to close on these website- generated leads, probably on 75 [percent] to 80 percent of them, vs. 50 percent on a Yellow Page-generated lead. They’re definitely more qualified leads. So the 50 leads that we’re getting per month currently [are higher quality opposed to the pre-SEM] four or five a month.”

This case study is living proof that the landscape of the internet is changing. No longer are businesses who only sell physical products benefiting from the efforts of online marketing. Service based businesses are also experiencing the positive influence SEO has on generating high quality leads. For the full case study check out Target Marketing magazine.



This company is a perfect fit for Pinterest – for both SEO and for the company to send people to to see their product catalog. They have some beautiful custom gutters. I bet people would really like to see those on a board.