Social Media Trends for 2014

The world of social media marketing is growing rapidly each year. Every social media platform is consistently bringing their A-game to provide both individuals and businesses with creative ways to stay connected with. In order to keep up with social media and make sure you’re really getting the most out of it, it’s important to educate yourself on where you need to be in 2014. Here are some ways you can ramp up your social media strategy in 2014 in order to get the most social media exposure.

Get on Google+

Google is definitely the industry leader when it comes to search marketing, but they are making a huge amount of headway in the social media world as well. It seems only yesterday that Google+ was just another social media network that would inevitably be forgotten. But not only is Google+ gaining popularity, having a strong Google+ presence helps you rank better in the search results. Each Google+ share counts as both a social share and a link share. And that’s huge.


Let me blow your mind: the amount of daily searches on YouTube is over 1 billion. In fact, YouTube is now considered to be the second largest search engine, just after Google. That means there’s a huge opportunity to increase your marketing efforts by reaching potential consumers through video. If you don’t have a company YouTube channel, now is the time to get one.


What? Did you just say MySpace? You may be thinking I traveled back in time, but MySpace is gearing up for some huge changes in 2014 in order to keep up with their competitors. Make sure to keep your eye out on MySpace and don’t write them off yet.


Pinterest is gaining tons of favor among users, and also produces helpful case studies that showcase various real life examples of sales success resulting from businesses using Pinterest creatively. Consider joining Pinterest’s e-mail subscription list to learn more about how you can use Pinterest to connect better with your customers. These are just a few of the trends you will see in 2014. When planning out your online marketing strategy, make sure to stay current in the social media world. For more information, contact us at OrangeSoda today. We would be happy to help offer you some excellent suggestions on how to help you grow your social media presence and your search marketing efforts.