Small Retailers and Black Friday: How to Win

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Black Friday 2010 was of epic proportions. Average Holiday spending was up $20 from 2009 to $365.34 per person. The total number of shoppers went up to 212 million from 195 million. While internet shopping is rising, 98% of holiday shopping is done in-person.

Small merchants have a hard time competing with national big box stores which offer deep discounts and sales that small merchants can’t match. What can small businesses do to compete with the Targets and Wal-Marts of Black Friday?

A small bookstore in Conneticut extended their hours to coincide with the town’s annual Christmas tree lighting and saw sales grow 30% over 2009. Other small businesses are relying on other community events separate from Black Friday weekend. Retail experts suggest the best way to compete with big box stores is to offer personalized service; focus on quality over quantity.

Even though it may be difficult for a locally focused business to compete with a national retailer on Black Friday, there are many ways that small businesses can improve sales. Take a look at this infographic for more information on Black Friday statistics and ways small businesses can have a successful Holiday shopping season.

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