Small Business Tips for Mobile Apps

Even if you don’t believe the claims that the world is abandoning the PC and moving on to the mobile era, the significance of smartphones and tablets is something that you shouldn’t ignore. According to ComScore, nearly 7% of all worldwide traffic on the web is driven by mobile devices and studies show that 81% of smartphone owners in the US use their mobile devices to access the Internet. More and more consumers out there are going mobile, which means that businesses should follow suit in order to keep up. 

Spread the good deals via mobile

Gone are the days when customers could only access coupons through mail and newspapers. Studies indicate that 48% of consumers find and use deals via mobile devices. With that in mind, consider offering deals and coupons via email or text to so that your customers will be able to grab bargains even while they’re on-the-go. Be sure to tell your staff to start scanning and accepting coupons via mobile devices, to make it as easy as possible for people to get deals. Don’t be the type of store that refuses to honor coupons that aren’t printed out. This is a sure-fire way to drive away customers.

Take advantage of mobile apps

Want to go mobile and be social all at the same time? Then sign up for the social and location-based apps already out there. Foursquare and Instagram are great examples of such apps.

Getting your business listed on Foursquare’s directory will give it a social boost and increase the chances of users finding you. Whenever customers use Foursquare to check into your location, their friends will be able to see it and your business gets additional exposure. How can you motivate your customers to do this? Consider offering incentives such as discounts and rewards whenever people use Foursquare to check in to your business.

Instagram, on the other hand, isn’t just another photo-sharing app. It’s a social network itself that’s full of engaged users constantly sharing moments and experiences through images. Instagram has already helped several businesses increase buzz and activity from customers.

Create an Instagram account for your business and take photos of your products and the behind-the-scenes action in your company to give customers a glimpse of how you do things. Yougurtland, for instance, often uses Instagram to take photos of their delicious products. This generates daily comments and likes from their customers.

You can also use the app to run a contest and increase your exposure. Follow the footsteps of Brooklyn Bowl, a local bowling place in Brooklyn, NY that used Instagram to facilitate a contest. For a chance to win 2 tickets to an upcoming show, customers were asked to snap photos of anything in the location and add the hashtag #brooklynbowl to the images. These images were then shared with the customers’ friends and Brooklyn Bowl got a lot of extra attention.

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Good article thanks for the tips. It seems that sooner than later you will not be able to run a business without having a good mobile presence.