SEO 101: Search Engine Optimization for Newbies

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Have you been salivating over the top spots of the organic results section of search engines like Google? If you’re feeling the urge to boost your online advertising efforts, now is a great time. The good news is with a small investment, it’s possible for your company to share the spotlight and rank high for your desired keywords. All you need is a little bit of guidance from a professional search engine optimization (SEO) expert and a small understanding of SEO best practices.

First thing’s first: it’s important to understand how search engines work and why optimization is important. Basically, search engines look at certain elements of your website to understand what your page is about. Based on that information, search engines will index and rank your website. Since the process is formulaic, it’s important to follow a few basic SEO rules in order to get noticed and ranked appropriately.

Choose keywords

The first thing you want to do in order to optimize your website is choose 2-3 relevant keywords. Your SEO expert at OrangeSoda will do all the research for you to help you choose keywords that fit your site best, and that will help reach the right customers.

Optimize for your keywords

Not only do you need to choose keywords that are relevant to your site, but it’s important to put the keywords in places that Google’s crawlers understand. Of course, you don’t want to overload your content with keywords in a way that doesn’t make sense, but you do want to let Google know what your site is all about. Keyword optimization is a basic way to tell Google what you do.

Write excellent content

Another great way to reach the top pages of various search engines is to write fresh and robust content. The more relevant and fun your content is to read, the better chances you have of ranking higher.

Optimize the code

Search engines don’t have a human brain, so they can’t simply read content and understand what the web page is about. For this reason, search engines have algorithms and code. An SEO expert at OrangeSoda will know how to optimize your code in order to tell search engines exactly what your page is about and how your page should be listed.


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