SEO and Google Business Photos

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is always changing. Ever-changing algorithms nudge business owners into thinking more about marketing as a whole instead of focusing only on a single keyword ranking. Here are a couple quick wins for owning more of the search engine results real estate.

Google+ Local pages

If your business is not posting regularly on your Google+ Local page, start today! Your recent Google+ interactions can show up in search results in the Knowledge Graph section. This is especially valuable to businesses because you can own more search engine result page (SERP) real estate. The more room you take up on the SERP, the more likely you are to capture your potential customer. Searchers will know you are an authority in your realm when they see your involvement with clients and the community. The Knowledge Graph shows unique information about your business, builds credibility, and shows your ‘coolness’ in the real world.

Google Business Photos

One way of getting more visual information to your searchers is by adding a virtual tour of your store. Google Maps is the platform for getting your business photos both on your Google+ Local page and search engine results. You can easily hire a trusted Google photographer in your area to set up a photo shoot. This is especially helpful for a niche business with a marketable storefront.

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