Sarah Killen Famous because of Conan O'Brien

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Conan's Twitter Image

Conan's Twitter Image

OK, I thought this was just fantastic. I am a huge Twitter user, and I love stories about how Twitter and other social media platforms change lives. I follow Conan O’Brien since his Tonight Show debacle, and every day he tweets something that is hilarious. Today he did something that shows the power of a celebrity mention.

For his tweet today, he wrote the following:

Conan's tweet about LovelyButton

What is obviously a joke to him really made a difference. Here is a copy of Sarah Killen’s Twitter profile before the tweet happened:

LovelyButton before Conan's tweet

You can see how she started with 4 followers. At the finishing of this blog post, you can see that she has 4,855 just an hour after the tweet:

LovelyButton after Conan's tweet

Us regular people absolutely love it when celebs condescend to our level, and this is one that makes me have a lot of respect for Conan. Everything he does is going to get noticed by the public, and now Sarah Killen is a mini celebrity. She’s going to have reporters and a gazillion emails asking for her opinion, and that’s cool.

If you want to catch jobless Conan’s hilarious tweetstream, follow @ConanOBrien. You may also want to follow @LovelyButton to watch her reaction, and see the followers increase. Truly amazing. The count is currently at 5,488 followers. 🙂

Update: As of Monday morning, Sarah Killen had 16,636 followers, and already had offers for a free wedding photographer, videographer, and interviews with 5 different news agencies!


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