How to Respond to Google+ Reviews

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Google+ has made it easier than ever for consumers to find quality information about companies. This is great news for both businesses and consumers. Additionally, people who are interested in what you have to sell, but are on the fence about whether to actually purchase, can read your Google+ reviews to get the extra affirmation that you’re the perfect company for them. While reviews present an awesome opportunity for consumers to tout your products and services, it also gives them an opportunity to rant if they are unhappy. Google+ reviews are a great way for consumers to gather both positive and negative information. The good news is you can respond to your reviewers. When responding to your Google+ reviewers, make sure to follow these rules.

1. Be kind and professional

Remember, your Google+ page is the online face of your company. If someone leaves a negative review, make sure to address their concerns just as you would if they were to call you. Be kind, informative, and professional in your response. Whatever you do, don’t take it personally.

2. Listen

It may seem weird to advise you to listen to a written post, but I don’t mean listen in the sense of physically hearing. I mean listen in the sense of taking the feedback (negative or positive) and responding. Customers are the ones buying your product, and if they are offering suggestions, take them into consideration. Once you’ve really heard what they have to say, address their comment and let them know how you plan to take action.

3. Be direct

While they may go on and on, make sure to keep your responses short and direct. You can say a lot by saying a little.

4. Be casual

No one wants to hear hoity-toity industry jargon. It will make them feel like an outsider, not to mention, they will get bored reading your response and stop reading. Write in a casual and friendly tone that everyone can understand.

5. Don’t ignore

One of the worst things you can do is simply ignore your reviewers. They took the time to look up your Google+ profile and leave a review, so make sure you take time to respond. Responding is one of the best ways to show your customers you care, and build an ongoing relationship with them. Show them respect by responding to every post.