Refreshing Service

OrangeSoda has a 6 pack of core values. One of those values is Refreshing Service. Refreshing Service is defined as representatives that answer the phone with a smile, and who are passionate about our client’s success.

Think of what Refreshing Service means to you. Do you remember the last time you received refreshing service? Was it when you called your cable or phone company? Most people I ask this question can’t remember. OrangeSoda doesn’t want to be lumped in with those companies. To ensure that we are able to provide Refreshing Service, we have added a dedicated customer service team.

Our customer service team is kind of a big deal around here. Now it’s time to meet some of the members. Natalie just got engaged. Ryan is really big in Parcour, also known as freerunning. Leslie is studying to be a chef. Tim’s wife is right about to have their second baby. Julianne loves The Grateful Dead. Susan grew up in Scotland. Brittani was a professional cheerleader. Stephen likes to listen to educational books on tape. Lacie just loves everybody. Matt is a 3-time Minnesota State Piano Champion. Last, but not least, is Bethia their Team Lead, who loves zombie movies.

All of our representatives are unique, but they have one thing in common: they want to provide all of our clients the assistance they need to succeed. So call in and experience our Refreshing Service for yourself.