PJ's and the "Find, Buy, Return" Cycle

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It’s noon on Saturday and you’re kicking back in your mismatched jammies and gnarly bedhead when you realize you need to find and mail a gift.   Thanks, internet!  What would have taken you an afternoon twenty years ago takes 2 minutes.  

No need to be seen in public!  Just clickity-click-click and move on with your day.  You’re in the middle of a hectic workday and realize you forgot to place an order?  You can (probably) get what you need without leaving of your seat or even interrupting the phone call you’re on.

Oh, internet, you handy, handy thing.  The expectation of immediate access to just about anything is convenient, but that also means it can be maddening to hit inefficient bumps in the road along the way. You’ll reap major rewards as you make it as easy as possible to do the following.

  1. Find you .
  2. Buy from you.
  3. Come back.

Easy to find.

Figure out who is looking for you and how they could find you.  Can current clients refer their friends, family or associates quickly and easily?  Are you on top of the ever-changing SEO world?  Are you targeting the right keywords?  Imagine an ideal customer of yours just moved in down the street and doesn’t know about your business.  How hard would they have to try to find it?  Remove any barriers you see.

Easy to buy.

This step should be as no-nonsense as possible.  Imagine someone is standing in front of you, credit card in hand, ready to purchase.  What is in their way?  If they’re ready to buy, stay out of the way and let them spend their money.

Easy to return.

Will a first-time client be able to find you again easily?  Do you have their contact information and an efficient but unobtrusive method for staying in touch?  Or will they find themselves trying to remember that one place a few months from now?

Allow your clients to stay in their PJs; you won’t regret it.  People expect businesses to cater to their fast-paced lives and will reward you when you do.