ashwagandha tea ХЦКПЗ which oppress secretion of hydrochloric acid. Some substances, for example, water, electrolits, antibodies, can pass allergens through intercellular spaces. Such type of transport is called персорбцией. Through kidney vessels in 1 mines passes about 1/4 volumes of the blood, thrown out by heart in an aorta. A nephritic blood-groove conditionally divide on корковый and brain. The maximum speed of a blood-groove is necessary on корковое substance (the area containing balls and проксимальные канальцы) and makes 4 - 5 ml/mines on 1 г fabrics that is the highest level органного a blood-groove. Thanks to features of blood supply of a kidney pressure of blood in capillaries of a vascular ball above, than in capillaries of other areas of a body that is necessary for maintenance of normal level клубочковой for a filtration. Process мочеобразования demands creation of constant conditions of a blood-groove. It is provided with mechanisms ауторегуляции. At pressure increase in bringing артериоле its smooth muscles are reduced, the quantity of arriving blood in capillaries decreases and there is a decrease in them pressure. At falling of system pressure bringing артериолы, on the contrary, extend. Klubochkovye capillaries also are sensitive to angiotensin II, простагландинам, брадикининам, вазопрессину. Thanks to the specified mechanisms the blood-groove in kidneys remains to constants at change системногоартериального pressure in limits 100 150ммрт. The item However at a number of stressful situations (кровопотеря, emotional stress and etc.) a blood-groove in kidneys can decrease.
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